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Smirking at absurd forrin words is an age-old custom practiced by the Brit when forced to leave the shelters of home and reluctantly brave the wider world. Words such as "besonders" sound splendidly filthy and usually have very innocent meanings. These meanings can at first seem disappointing but this only adds to the fun as one can use the word as much as possible while waggling one's eyebrows in a suggestive manner until the native notices and lamps one for insulting their country. There are also equally great words, such as the rather hommer sounding "bumsen", that do actually have a filthy forrin meaning but sadly these are harder to get into every day conversation when practicing abroad depending on the reason for the visit of course.

It is also customary upon return from wider pastures to bring as many photos and evidence of ridiculous sounding names such as Pschitt Cola and Bonka Coffee Beans so that everyone back home can have a good old grin at those whacky forriners. Of course none of our blessed English words could ever sound filthy in a forrin language and we shall smite anyone who says otherwise.

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