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This page contains guidelines on how to contribute and maintain the Aber Resources wiki.

Creating new pages

To create a new page, type the title of the page (with correct punctuation and capitalisation) into the search box. The search results will include a link entitled "you can create this page". Click this link and a new page editor will appear.

Points to note when creating and maintaining pages:

  1. Ensure that all pages are in at least one category. Certain categories contain further guidelines, most notably the #aber Dictionary.
  2. Use correct English, grammar and spelling. You know how we feel about such matters. If it's appropriate, you may also use Berdinavian.

Assign pages to categories by using this syntax at the foot of the page:

[[Category:Category name]]

Wiki code syntax guide

Astonishingly, the wiki markup syntax is both simultaneously simple and complex. This guide aims to serve as a basic primer without going into too much detail.

Normal paragraphs

Unlike HTML, normal paragraphs do not have to be enclosed by tags, so they may be typed normally with normal carriage returns between each paragraph. View the source of this page for examples.


To create a basic link to another page in the wiki, use the following syntax:

[[Page title|link title]]

For example:

[[Wiki authoring guidelines|information on how to contribute to the wiki]]

If the link title happens to be the same as the page title it can be omitted.

To create a link to an external site (note the single set of square brackets and lack of pipe separator):

[ Website title]


To create a bulleted list, put an asterisk in front of each line:

* Bullet 1
* Bullet 2
* Bullet 3

To create a numbered bulleted list, put a hash in front of each line:

# Bullet 1
# Bullet 2
# Bullet 3

Channel log snippets

Where appropriate, you may include excerpts from the channel by enclosing them in PRE tags:

[sam] I hate you Deev.
[Deev] I hate you more, Sam.


Upload images to the website by using the "Upload file" link in the left hand navigation.

To insert a basic image (replace "Thatsnothing.png" with the uploaded file name):



That's nothing

To frame an image at full size and align it to the right with a caption:

[[Image:Thatsnothing.png|frame|right|That's nothing]]
That's nothing

To frame a clickable thumbnail of the image and align it to the right with a caption:

[[Image:Thatsnothing.png|right|thumb|That's nothing]]