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One the basic, fundamental rights of ANY #aber channel member, whether they are SCM or Wesley. All channel members have the unequivocable right to be able to double click on URLs posted to the channel by other channel members, so long as their IRC client supports such a function. It is therefore the duty of all channel members to ensure that URLs posted to the channel are correctly formatted, with "http://" prefix and ensuring that nothing immediately preceeds or follows the URL, as such superfluous information can confuse IRC clients into not making the URL clickable. The "direct "part of a direct clickable URL implies that the URL should take the user's web browser to the exact page within a website to which the channel member is referring to, no extra clicking once the browser has loaded the initial URL should be required. All channel members have the right to demand that incorrectly formatted URLs are reformatted so that they become direct and clickable, without exception.

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