Transference, Failure

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Within the swirls of Bitterness that pervade the #aber universe failure is never far away, serving as a conduit by which the bile and anger can be released in a relatively harmless manner. At moments of extreme tension, when the Bitterness is exceptionally strong, Seasoned Channel Members can, in the manner of force lightening, transfer the inevitable failure to weaker members, with often hilarious consequences. Unfortunately it occassionally occurs that two particularly vilulent and well matched members of the Bitterness can act as magnets for such failure, and are left with no viable alternative but to transfer failure between themselves in a horrific ping pong game of ever increasing disaster. Inevitably there must be a victor in each case, at which point Failure Transference is completed, and one member is encased in a nightmarish cycle of catastrophe, swelling the Bitterness within them to the point where the cycle can begin all over again. There is no escape, ever.

Originally written by Lambie.

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