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Cults simply don't get any bigger than this. Star Trek is the quintessential Science Fiction series, spanning 4 (soon to be 5) versions, and nearly 35 years. Most remarkable for the ability to make otherwise sane and highly intelligent human beings think that dressing up in silly clothes and wearing pointy ears is socially acceptable. Fans are referred to as 'Trekkies' or 'Trekkers', or often 'Sad Gits' by the un-initiated population, who almost without exception become confirmed Trekkies/Trekkers overnight after having seen a few episodes. Although not everyone's cup of tea (Earl Grey, Hot) Star Trek nevertheless manages to appeal to all tastes and all ages, and is therefore shunted around the BBC schedules to make way for more obscure programming in case they get accused of showing something good. (see BBC). Responsible for Klingons, The Borg (see B0rk), Captain Kirk p0rking his way through the galaxy, and countless more. Star Trek has inspired more spoofs and spin-offs than any other TV programme in history. It must be chastened however for the most unfortunate side effect of launching William Shatner's music career, for which he will be eternally damned. Classic quotes include Picard's 'THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS' and Captain Janeway's 'Who are you and where are my men?', although there are so many it would be futile to attempt to list them (see Futile, Resistance Is). Trekkies/Trekkers can be difficult to spot, since due to the socially unacceptable nature of owning up to it, many keep it well hidden, but rest assured, they're everywhere.

Originally written by Lambie.

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