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Holiday capital of the staff of the Computer Science Department of UWA. Often heard in lectures, that "Lecturer X will be giving the lectures for this week as lecturer Y is in Singapore". Due to the fact that the weather in Aberystwyth is always overcast and/or raining, all staff need a week away at least once a year, paid for by student fees. Hence the "great man Bott" founded the "Singapore degree", and excuse to spend a week, a month, up to 3 months a year in a sunnier climate. Lecturers who take part in this sponsored travel opportunity often complain about the fact that "it's hard work, honest" and bemoan the heat and humidity upon returning, the fact that 24 hours travel each way - probably to discourage others from muscling-in on the action and discovering how much of a holiday it really is. There are rumours that students have been bribed to take up research posts with promises that they would be able to take part in this gravy train.

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