Scrolls Of Rah:Chapter 9

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The Totem Is Scandalised

*** Lambie ( has joined channel
 #aber at 01:26pm
*** Mode change "+o Lambie" on channel #aber by Saarlax
< |aka| > 3 mins off ?
< Surfr > oi oi Lamb
< Saarlax > [Lambie] I switch off not log off
< Lex > nah - I was in bed just after 10 :)
< Lex > oi oi lambbbbbbbbbbbbie
< Lambie > oi oi
< Lambie > wheres the xtreme web site then eh
* Lambie wants the free net time
< Lex > cor - what's your cantaloupe subject to enquiry for
 eh lambie??
< Lambie > the Cantaloupe is not in question
#aber Lambie H@ (3 Grand High Lord
 Cantaloupe (Subject To An Inquiry))
< |aka| > oh he is
< Lex > what's goingon?
< Lambie > am i?
< Surfr > cor is pretty fly
< Lambie > what for this time?
< |aka| > Lambie you are still under inquest due to your 
selfimposed elevationary status
< |aka| > tut
< Lambie > am not
< |aka| > oh i rather think you are
< |aka| > as your ircname denotes
< Lambie > The Totem has allowed this ridiculous claim to drop 
on account of me not mentioing his secret plans to make the
 P.I.G.S. the covert branch of the Rah
< |aka| > for as yet the knowledgable kumquat of efferfescance
 and enlightenment hath not spoken out it's judgement on your
< Lambie > er
< Lambie > oops
< |aka| > what is this ?
< |aka| > the Totem himself ?
< |aka| > I am speechless
< |aka| > no really
< |aka| > this is most disturbing
< Lambie > quite so
< |aka| > I shall contemplate midst the inner sanctum of 
scropulousness, and yea, there shall be retribution
< Surfr > innit <--- the 9th Dan speaks
< Lambie > The Annointed One and The Welsh One are also implicating
 in this development
< |aka| > If you are found to be causing mischeif, and dissent 
amoungst the Grand High Lords, oh Lamb of the eternally rubber 
ringpiece, then you shall be dealt with most severely
< Lambie > i fear that these developments are at an advanced stage
< |aka| > However
< Lambie > i am sure you can see the plausibility of these claims
< Surfr > how could they be
< |aka| > If the Totem deems himself to partake in this action of 
ajoining the PIGS to the Rah! he is much mistaken
< |aka| > and shall suffer an even greater fate
< Surfr > the Totum does not rule the Rah
< Lambie > the P.I.G.S. have been slowly building their support for
 nigh on 2 years now
< Lambie > indeed, the question of my status has already been 
< Lambie > i just havent changed the name yet
< |aka| > I shall sojourn with the aforementioned 
ex-resplendant-chinese-man-beard-wearer upon the setting of the sun, 
and probe his inner thoughts for the truth
< Lambie > i shall rectify this oversight immediately
< |aka| > He is the Totem, and the truth will be known
< Surfr > the P.I.G.S is a poor measely group of misserable no-hopers
 who do not themselves as one deserve the name Rah atacheth
< Lambie > quite so
< |aka| > i concur oh mighty 9th Dan
< |aka| > and their scrotums shall feel the pain of the eternal fire 
of Rah!
< Lambie > however, i am sure The Totom was but speaking in jest, to 
give the P.I.G.S. a false vision of hope
< Lambie > so that he may use them for the purposes of the Rah 
unbeknownst to them
* Lambie does not wish to question the Totems commitment to the Rah, 
this must be
< Lambie > behold
< Lambie > it is done
#aber Lambie H@ (3 High Lord Cantaloupe 
(Equality is Power))
< Lambie > i trust this meets with the approval of the fellow Lords 
< |aka| > I am sated
< Lambie > splendid
< Surfr > I feel the need for a mighty bin inspection comming forthwith
* Lambie attempts to further appease the Lords with free CDs
< Surfr > Lamb :)
* Surfr wouldnt mind some Corrs
* Lambie wouldnt either
< Lambie > all 3 preferably
< Surfr > oi eppa wheres a goot mp3 site ?
< |aka| > But words shall be had with the Totem, and may the mighty 
elderfolk of the dawn of time have mercy on his soul, for if found to
 be purgerous, they shall smite him down with great vengance and furious
* Surfr points aka at said bin inspection event forthcomming
< Lambie > indeed, the claims by the Totem and The Annointed one were met 
with Raised Eyebrows and furious chin rubbery
< Surfr > I wouyld be honoured if you would join me in this event
< |aka| > on what fated night was this oh Cantaloupe
< Surfr > /away fqagging on 3
< Surfr > 2
< Surfr > 1
< Lambie > however, i must reiterate the belief that these words were
 uttered in jest
< |aka| > Surfr I shall, but have patience thee of the petulant and 
many-sprouted undergurth, fo I am in discourse with the Lamb
< Lambie > it was the fated day of the Pub Quiz
< Lambie > perhaps the fateful words were uttered in order to enhance 
the abilitys of the Welsh One
< |aka| > We shall discuss this further cantaloupe on our return from 
the sacred act of the blackening of the lungs, in fellowship of the 
holy goat, and the one-eyed hairy-arsed rabbit merchant
< Lambie > as you wish
* |aka| is away : blackening ritual : beep me [if urgent]
< Lambie > i shall remain for a further 20 minutes, after which im going
*** Gremmie (clairey@ has joined channel #aber at 01:48pm
< Lambie > gremmie gremmie gremmie
< Gremmie > lambie lambie lambie
* Surfr returneth
* |aka| has returned from the inspection of the invisible bins.
* Lambie still cant find bloody xtreme anywhere
< |aka| > good morrow Queen formly known as Aggie
* Lambie throws small potatoes at the Warlock
< Lambie > have you chosen wisely yet Warlock?
< |aka| > have I chosen what indeed ? the colour of my next fruitbat ?
 the appearance of my left toe ? how I plan to conqour the world ?
< Lambie > indeed not, i refer to your choice of CD
< |aka| > ah, and wherefore should I be making a choice upon a CD ?
< Lambie > you may make your choice at a time of your own choosing
< Lambie > you should be in possession of the Mighty Lists
< |aka| > indeed. although I think you will find I referred to the reason
 for the choosing of a CD 
< Lambie > well its free
< Lambie > good enough reason i always find
< Surfr > hehehe innit just
< |aka| > and why is said CD without cost ? 
< Lambie > beacause i did proclaim that any Lord would be free to choose
 a cd as a gift, beyond that, a pint per cd is desired
< |aka| > I see.
< |aka| > I have, as yet not made my most insightful yet somehow-unpopular
 choice, but be it know that I shall.
< |aka| > And when I do you will know. 
< Lambie > i shall await your decision with trepadition
< |aka| > indeed, as befits the cantaloupe of misharmony
< Lambie > verily, i must announce that my departure is imminent
< Lambie > i must spend my £500 forthwith
< |aka| > good morrow to you High Cantaloupe, and may you find happiness 
midst the solving of the quintessential conundrum of the burning of a 
hole in one's pockets
< Lambie > indeed
< Lambie > i shall of course be buying essential upgrades
* Surfr remembers tro be watching celebraty Death match
< Surfr > backstret boys
< Surfr > Vs
< Surfr > Beastie Boys :)
< Lambie > to complement the voodoo graphics card i have recieved as a
 splendid gift
< |aka| > Voodoo, and I speak as a practicioner of the black and fabled 
arts, is indeed wild, powerful magick
< Lambie > quite so
< Lambie > right
< Lambie > shopping time
< |aka| > see you anon Lamb
< |aka| > you shall be informed of the outcome of these events as they
 unfurl this eve
< Lambie > indeed
< Lambie > i must warn you that i am unclear who uttered the fateful 
< Lambie > i believe it could have been the Welsh One
< |aka| > it is understood oh cantaloupe, but your name and untterances
 hath not been stricken from the scrolls, indeed the scrolls perhaps
 hold the truth of the matter
< Lambie > what truth is this?
< |aka| > The Truth
< Lambie > there are many truths
< |aka| > indeed
< |aka| > but the Totem is bound to speak The Truth
< |aka| > it is his tao