Scrolls Of Rah:Chapter 7

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A Time Of Much Acrimoniousness..

< Christi > BTW if anyone see lambie, tell him I brought 
my copy of Popcorn in for him.
< ^Woodsta^ > christi er is that a codeword ?
< Christi > woods: yes - we're both minions of the anti-Rah.
< ^Woodsta^ > christi what you and the lamb ?
< Christi > only I'm not supposed to tell you that, on 
account of it being top secret
< Christi > woods : yeah - lambie is a double agent, you see 
.. and so The High Cantaloupe was subject to much interogation
 and proved his case to the Lords who did look with Scorn And
 Raised Eyebrow upon him .. 
* Lambie denounces christi as the maffs woman from hell
* Christi is just trying to spread dissention within the ranks
 of the Rah
< Lambie > chisti - but why
< Christi > It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.
< Christi > It's not a proper religion unless you get 
< Christi > And split into umpteen almost totally similar 
.. and so the Anti-Rah did come into being and much was done to
 bring about the impossible downfall of the Lords Of Rah .. 
< Zog > Be thee hence prepared. Your Ultimatum, my Declaration 
.. and thus was the High Warlock Most Fierce and Unforgiving in
 his vengance against the rebel upstart who had the imagination 
of a trout and the elequence of a flacid earlobe .. 
*** Zog has been kicked off channel #aber by |aka| ( For Your 
treachery And Misguidance )
*** Mode change "+b *!*zct5@*" on channel #aber by
< |aka| > And Thus it was done
< ^Woodsta^ > indeed, i commend thy dedication o Warlock
< |aka| > If any fool doth take it upon themselves to remove that
 ban , lo shall he melt furtively in the wrath of Rah 
But, unforseen were the expressed cravings of the rebel Zog to
 have her hungered power which both dominated and controlled her
 very lifebreath. Indeed she did hurl her pathetic insults upon 
the Lords of Rah once more through the medium of message, but in
 her impudence had not realised how truly feeble she was as she 
quivered before the amassed anger of The Warlock and The Totem. 
< Zog > bint
< Zog > you will be defeated
< Zog > Ha!!! We are growing in strength - soon we will be stronger
 than you!!! hahaha
< Zog > there will be no mercy for you unless you surrender now
< |aka| > Fear The Power Of Rah For Soon Thy Forces Shall be Nothing
 More Than Acrid Pools Of Stangnent Rancidness Fetid In Their Grief
 ( Not Much More Than At Present )
< Zog > that is what it takes nowadays, I'm afraid, to overcome the
 evilness of Rah
< ^Woodsta^ > you are a brave but foolhardy individual
< ^Woodsta^ > foolish minion
< |aka| > Woodsta Indeed She Will Pay Dearly
< Zog > You can't scare me with your ignorant rantings. You had
 better watch out- we are coming with our pitchforks
< |aka| > Pitchforks Are As To Us As Mere Toothpicks Are To Gods 
.. We Have Nothing To Fear From The Likes Of Your Sorry Proclamations
 For You Are Nothing .. You Are As The Toad Of Legend : Fat And Greasy
 And Full Of Much Hot Air
*** |aka| is now known as Rah
* Rah !!!!
* Rah Is The Almighty Force ! Zog In Her Evil And Foolish Ways Shall
 Be Smited