Scrolls Of Rah:Chapter 6

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Jiggery Pokery Twixt #Christian & #Riki..

*** Users on #Christian: Ghengis Zookie @^Peace ctburgie
 @Joel @Raamattu @Bisqwit
< Ghengis > RAH
< Ghengis > lo, the satanic jesus crusher of Zanzibar did come 
unto the realms of the christ, and there was much rending of 
sacred undergarments and gnashing of teeth
* Ghengis does a bit of satan praising
< Ghengis > lo, thou art a bunch of posers, with your bespectacled
 loincloths and chilblains
< Ghengis > and the gnarly Lambster did say " be nice "
< Ghengis> and it was done
< Ghengis > hello fellow God worshippers
< Ghengis > nice day we're having
< Ghengis > " go back unto the wankerness " the lamb did say
< Ghengis > and lo, it was done with much rejoicing
*** You have been kicked off channel #christian by Joel ( Stop
 playing : ) )
*** Ghengis ( has joined channel #christian
*** Topic for #christian: :) Christians and non-christians welcome 
! Discussions....
*** Users on #Christian: Ghengis @^Peace ctburgie 
@Joel @Raamattu @Bisqwit 
< Ghengis > sorry d00d
< Ghengis > lo, thou dost spake as the Gnarly one of Aber, whom 
is known to the minions as Dyn
* Ghengis bows
* Ghengis is glad to see the tolerance of thy good selves, and the
 lack of banning is noted
* Ghengis warms up his joints
< Ghengis > hmm, a great silence has descended upon the realm of 
the Christians, and a large ammount of ho humming did ensue
< Ghengis > and as such, the Great High Totem of Rah did depart, 
causing a great mopping of brows and utterances of " what a tosser " 
did occur
< Ghengis > au revoir mes amies
*** Signoff: Ghengis ( finland finland finland...the place where i 
want to be ) 
*** Lambie ( has joined channel #christian
< ^Woodsta^ > greetings fellow worshippers
< ^Woodsta^ > alas, all the mighteous followers of the lesser Lord 
are akip
*** ^Woodsta^ has left channel #christian
* RikiOJ looks at the floor to hide tears
< Sqwurl > all this spoonery is futil, quwarble man !
< RikiOJ > it was such a squiffy day and all too
< Woodsta > ha! i laugh in the face of your knife of justice !
< Sqwurl > all this spoonery is futile, Quwarble spoon
< Sqwurl > *the spoon collides with yer lesser intellect !
* RikiOJ just sits and listens sippin her vodka and cranberry juice
< Woodsta > lo, thou shalt reside in the pool of futility for a 
thousand years, rattlebrain
< Sqwurl > indeed, you direct foolish rantings in my general direction !
< Sqwurl > and lo! you shall never thwart my Succinctness !
< Woodsta > indeed, however, in the time of the Artichoke, thou were 
but a miniscule popadom
* RikiOJ groweth weary and watcheth with much tiredness
< Sqwurl > lo, how misinformed you are, my aardvark !
< Woodsta > and lo, i shall smate thee with a large cabbage, feeble 
vermin !
< Sqwurl > yea, though you smite me with the cabbage, I shall undermine 
your very ability to smite in such a fashion !
< Woodsta > I laugh at your pitiful ramblings and baggy undergarments!
* RikiOJ fetcheth some butter for the cabbage
< Woodsta > begone! thou foul beast of the netherworld !
< Sqwurl > yes, my undergarments are laughable !
< Sqwurl > be steeped in sepia tones, thou foul best of the quagmire of 
the eternal scaramoo !
< Sqwurl > beast, even
< Woodsta > pah, you have no understanding of the combustion of the 
Psychic Ear ring of Puerto Rico, twixt the mighty potato fields of East 
* RikiOJ watches the squiffolicious tossing of many words
* Woodsta notes the attempted Rahspeak of the Canadian
* RikiOJ speaketh no Rah for she is not worthy
< Sqwurl > yea, the earring thang dost prevail and beffuddle me, I still 
remain aptly versed in the art of noble spooning, as you shall find out 
with much vexedness !
< Woodsta > May you be confined to the Bedding of many Nubile Ballerinas, 
thou pettycoated one
< Sqwurl > ooohhh, I wish !
< Woodsta > and lo, the Afghan Hound of pervery was recalled with much 
* RikiOJ weareth but a jumper and some black lace pants
* RikiOJ waits for the werd frivolity to come in
< Woodsta > ahaha! perhaps thee would likest a vibrator of much cumliness 
and durability
* RikiOJ hath scareth em all away *sobbeth*
< Sqwurl > yea, the afghan hound was left out of da convo
< RikiOJ > cor Dave
< Woodsta > indeed, let not another word be uttered on the subject of
* RikiOJ washet sed werds from her innocent ears
* Woodsta prepars for the Great Vengence and Furious Anger of the Eucriel
< Sqwurl > yea, lest the leg of woods be completely numbed
< RikiOJ > cor thats a lil mean innit ?
< Woodsta > and the Thumb of Durability be wrenched from its socket
* RikiOJ shuts up cuz no one is listening anyways
< Woodsta > lo, the Rah dost cometh at ungainly hours of the night
< Sqwurl > and the said bearer of the leg of much numbness be jammed
 into a refrigerator door plentiful times
< Woodsta > indeed
< Sqwurl > over and over again
* Woodsta notes the Expression of Peevedness on the Face of the Eucriel
* Sqwurl 's eyes glaze over
< Woodsta > lo, and a fight did ensue
< Woodsta > indeed
< Sqwurl > and much nose achery did begin
< Woodsta > let us ignore the aforementioned Riki in facour of partaking
 in the further Blackenings of the Lungs and Clogging of the Veins
< Woodsta > that is, favour
* RikiOJ wipeth tears and is ignored...
* RikiOJ curls up and careth not
< Woodsta > lo, the Riki did weep, and was hugged with much comforting 
and sympathy
* RikiOJ looketh at woeth and thinketh that he doesn't mean sed huggeth 
and thus commenceth the greath sobbeth
* Woodsta doth excuse Eucriel for being a master of the spastickery 
and gormlessness
< Woodsta > lo, the pitiful Riki did fail miserably in the Talking of 
the Rah 
< Woodsta > and so the Woodsta did become the Evil One of all Rah
* RikiOJ leaveth as she is not worthy
*** RikiOJ has left channel #riki
< Woodsta > lo, sh is banished
< Woodsta > she is baneshed i say
< Woodsta > no, i do not
< Woodsta > i say she is banished
< Sqwurl > rah
< Woodsta > and so let it be
* Woodsta doth impart much fear into the Eucriel 
.. and the triumphant ones did take their leave and behind them sowed
 a trail of distrcuction in the crux and allegance of the Great Spoon 
Fly of the Colonization.. Let it also be known that flaunting the 
disguise of much spontanuity, Ghengis was actually ^Woodsta^, and 
indeed the masterful sprout known as Eucriel was in deepcover as Sqwurl..