Scrolls Of Rah:Chapter 3

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First Sighting Of The Terrifying Thunderbolt Of Rah

< |aka| > And Lo the sacred bollox talkers of rah did returneth 
unto the halls of the fabled channel of #aber and there was much 
pontificating upon the gender of certain wombles within the realm 
of the sprout
* |aka| has returned
* ^Woodsta^ hath returneth
< ^Woodsta^ > night dudes and dudettes, and may your being be filled 
with the resplendant purpleness of rah
*** Lambie has been kicked off channel #aber by ^Woodsta^ ( and lo, 
the mighty thunderbolt of Rah did strike with much vengence and 
*** Lambie ( has joined channel #aber
*** Mode change "+o Lambie" on channel #aber by |aka|
*** phid has been kicked off channel #aber by ^Woodsta^ ( lo, thout 
shall fuck off )
< |aka| > rah
< Lambie > indeed
<|aka|> rite bye ppl : )
< ^Woodsta^ > lo and behold, the time becometh 2am, and the mighty 
bollock talkers of rah did depart
< Lambie > and lo, the mighty bollox speakers of Rah did depart