Scrolls Of Rah:Chapter 2

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The Self-Pronouncification Of Queen Aggie

* Lambie , a true disciple of the rahness, accepted this cruel and 
unspeakable punishment, for i am rightous and deserving
< ^Woodsta^ > lo, the beuteous aggie came forth, with much lubrication 
by the flaming k-y jelly of Babylon
* Lambie spankath baza, and there was much rejoicing, and partaking of 
wine, and smoking of fags
< Lambie > and then there was darkness
< Lambie > and the room spinneth round
< Lambie > and there was much vomiting in the bay
* Lambie rejoices in the arrival to the sacred place of baza, where he 
hopeth to partaketh of wine and fags, and to loseth his cherryeth
*** `AlleyCat ( has joined channel #aber
< ^Woodsta^ > indeed, the smiting of the luscious cucumber and holy 
nippleclamp of the misplaced babooon did cause much rending of cloth and 
washing of y-fronts
< `AlleyCat > oi oi : )
< Lambie > and so came the sacred Cat of the Alley
< ^Woodsta^ > and there was much rejoicing
< Lambie > weilding his sacred 99eth of access
< `AlleyCat > oo the sacraficial lambie god ; )
< Lambie > and so, the crowds did knash their teeth, and complain loudly 
and pettily about their access on the england bot-creatures
< ^Woodsta^ > lo, the Lord spake, and the snivelling artichoke of baza was 
struck down with a mighty affectation
<|aka|> gnash : ),
*** Aggie ( has joined channel #aber
* |aka| *hugs* aggie with much affection and spontanuity
* Lambie bows down to the ruling of the glorious aka, and vows never to 
mispell gnash again
< ^Woodsta^ > and as such, the pathetic zebrabomb did experience a mighty 
uprising from the bottom
<|aka|> : )
* Aggie *hugs* |aka| back cos she's that kind of girl
* Lambie *hugeth* the beautious and glorious aggie
* Aggie *hugs* Lambie back cos she's that kind of girl
* `AlleyCat bows humbly in aggies direction ; )
* Aggie *hugs* everyone cos she's that kind of girl
* |aka| realiseth too late that alas the weathervien of the higher order 
in the temple of the crooked fruitbat was indeed no substitute for the 
bounteous and overflowing generosity of the might spoon god who cometh 
amoungst all women and men alike
< Lambie > and lo, the great disciples of the Rah! did move out from their 
hovels, and spread the glorious word of the Rah! around the country. And 
there was much partaking of wine and fags. The lord saw that this was good, 
and blessed them
< ^Woodsta^ > However, there was a shortage of nicotine in the black-lunged 
sons of the bitches, and a great journey was undertaken twixt the awful and 
mighty corridor of the Llandinam, thus forming an exasperated gnashing of 
teeth and rending of marboro packets
< ^Woodsta^ > so let it be
< Lambie > and here endeth the chapter
< ^Woodsta^ > and lo, the ears of the |aka| were spake to with a mighty oi, 
and it was good.
< Aggie > |aka|'s earing is rather cool - i'll steal it
< |aka| > At once the lord often partaken in sporadic ear movements did 
behind on twisted knee and kiss the grass for it did smell of aubergines 
and doing thus he recieved the lifegiving parambulator of rah
< |aka| > grr : )
< Lambie > and so spaketh the lord
< ^Woodsta^ > ah alas the sponditious eargarment of the aka was lost, and 
much wailing did come forth
< Lambie > for he lives in |aka|
< Lambie > and so, it came to pass that the infamous mum3, the dirty pervert 
of aber, spaketh bollox and gets banned again
< ^Woodsta^> lo, the universal gesture of smoking was made, and the mighty 
leaders did depart with an uttered bbl
< |aka| > yes indeed for the most treasured and revered of the earpieces did 
go forth into the world alone and unattended and much tearing of elm trees 
did occur within the local taco restraunt
< |aka| > brb 
* ^Woodsta^ is away - partaking in the consumption of the nicotine - messages 
will be saved.
< |aka| > goin fer a smokie ; )
* |aka| is away : : )-~ : messages will be eaten by my hegdehog
< |aka| > rah
< Aggie > then the whole world realised the flooy of their actions and Queen 
Aggie was crowned ruler
< Aggie > in the jungle the mighty jungle...