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A 133t |-|ax0r living in London (Not to be confussed with Our virgin friend, Danny-Boy). This person can be seen inhabiting various public houses and chains of superstores, especially Sainsburys and Iceland. There has been a report that he has been jailed once for grand carrier bag theft but these rumours have not yet been confirmed yet with police sources. Scally has a reputation for enticing beautiful young females back to his abode by the use of his vest then carrier-bagging them until they waken up on a side street declaring the best time of their lives. (See Carrier Bagging) This bald headed feind has quickly risen to the ranks of #aber and #blighty and has created his own facist bot named Naomi` (See Saarlax). If you see this man, report him to your nearest branch of Iceland or Sainsburys elsewhise take him to a pub and beware of his vest (see vest)

Originally written by Mr_Scod.

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