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This is what happens when a #aber regular, who has been ridiculed and loathed, possibly for several years and probably due to moronic claims, silly comments and general snippiness on channel, gets to meet other #aber regulars for real for the very first time, most likely in a designated boozer. On getting to know this individual on a more personal basis it is sometimes decided that "ere, this bloke/lass isn't so bad after all!" wherefore they are rubberstamped "not a cunt in real life" and there is much mutual pint-buying and the affirmation of lifelong friendship and everybody is happy. Noone is sure how much the alcohol contributes to such benevolent feelings between this person and everyone else but as soon as they return to the computers it's back to ruffling feathers, name-calling and downright bitter hatred once again.

Originally written by SuperDuck.

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