Rage, Pure Psychokinetic Pies Of

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Driven over the edge by his discovery of the secret liaison between the Bareback Lady and the Human Eel, Koko begins to extrude pure psychokinetic pies of rage.

Perhaps the most extreme level of anger, rage and bitterness a channel member could possibly exhibit at any one time, exceeding the levels suggested by the event known as Sisko Fists, itself a formidable and fearsome sight to behold. A channel member may begin to exude pure psychokinetic pies of rage without overt warning, although the reason is normally related to a longterm bugbear or annoyance that may have come to a head, so it's best to watch out for channel members who seem to be upset about something over a prolonged period of time (such as excessive taxation or any highway related transgressions suffered). Readers are advised that the illustration offered opposite and indeed this dictionary entry won't make any sense unless you know the history of the clown, sorry.

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