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Similar to the popular HTTP protocol for transferring information around the Internet, the IRL protocol is used for instances where things, which are referred to in conversation by a channel member, do not actually have an accompanying presence on the Internet. The protocol dictates that a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) using the IRL protocol must appear as: "IRL://", the protocol name, "$specific_place", the most detailed denomination of location, e.g. "quasi_room", the building or street that room is located in, the town in which that place is located, e.g. "aberystwyth", then country, continent (in the case of Elbonia-like nations) and finally "world", unless you're eppa. For instance, when asked to paste highlights of a conversation that took place between two people, at a certain time, In Real Life [tm], the respondent may choose to provide the IRL URL to the log of that conversation, which might look something like: IRL:// This usually satisfies the "something can't be true unless it's in URL form" Boolean requirements of certain channel members, otherwise the swift application of a kickban should settle the matter.

Originally written by Quasimodo.

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