Programme, Anal Beard Rescue

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Division of the AFC (See Commission, Anal Forestry). Rescue programme deployed to people trapped in a conversation with a pointless, dull person. The programme naturally requires a rescuer and rescuee. Deployment of the programme consists of the rescuer approaching the rescuee and enquiring as to the state of their anal beard (E.g. 'How is your anal beard?'). The pointless, dull person is usually so shocked, embarrased or horrified (or a combination of all three) by the question that they leave the rescuee in search of someone else to share their pointless, dullness with (See Pull, Attempting to). Typically, this programme can be used as an anti-Norwood measure with a 99% success rate. The 1% accounts for those so oblivious, they don't realise they are being rescued.

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