Prevention of Broadband in Crewe Act 1999, The

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Crewe is a shithole.

An act of parliament passed about the time that the government and all the major telcos started announcing their grandiose and unrealistic plans for "Broadband Britain". The act specifically prevents any form of broadband Internet connection faster than dual ISDN from being installed in the Crewe area of Cheshire. However, a subsection of the act permits ISPs and telcos to taunt the residents of this area, by claiming that they can get a form of broadband, and then at the last minute changing their mind citing some obscure technical reason. This manifests great bitterness amongst the population of Crewe, and it is thought that at some point in the near future there will be a public backlash against it involving burst blood vessels and overturned Peugeots with GTi suspension. See also Technology, Wails and Screams.

The Prevention of Broadband in Crewe Act 1999 was rescinded on Monday 28th November 2005.

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