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When referring to the level of intimacy permitted in a relationship, encounter or otherwise, channel members can find it geekily humorous and 31337 to use a system of representation based upon Unix permissions. It works in the following way, firstly there is a 'p' identifier to indicate this is a 'pants permission', the Unix 'owner', is obviously, the owner of the pants to which the specified level of access is to be permitted, the Unix group becomes the owner�s significant other(s), and the 'others' part of the permission is, as the name would suggest, everyone. For example it could be said that Britney Spears' pants are 'prwxr-xr-x' indicating that anyone is in with a chance, while on the other hand, Sister Wendy is firmly 'prw-------' indicating that she is indeed a very good girl. Probably. The exact meaning of being granted the execute or 'x' right on someone�s pants is open to interpretation, however, it should be noted that the right may be revoked at any time without prior notice.

Originally written by burt.

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