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Obviously absurd logical conclusion of the phrase "one line of Perl", well known amongst beardy programmer circles and used in context "I could do that with one line of Perl" when presented with a small programming or system administration task. Perl, which stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language, is well known for its abilities to solve a huge variety of small and common problems in a very straightforward and robust manner, and indeed often only with one line, even if that "one line" of perl is actually 10 lines once it's been wrapped in a text editor. Pissing contests commence between Perl coders to see who can solve the same problem with the least amount of Perl (i.e. shortening the "one liner"), leading to the ultimate but most likely unsubstantiated claim that one has solved the problem with just one byte of Perl. Silly.

Originally written by ^Stuii^.

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