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Forget what you think you know: "ololol" is the only acceptable form of showing that you find something funny. Or not. See below.

Historians claim that ololol was first uttered as a bastardisation of "LOL" from urban netspeak, which is probably true.

ololol has myriad permutations, and is more often than not used to signify mirthful condescending humour as opposed to genuine "funny" humour.

The basic ololol may be embellished and adorned according to how smirkily mirthful an #aber member feels. It's not unknown to witness a whole herd of "ololololoooololololol" in one day and even some "olololololahaahahahaaha".

It is predicted that by 2010 ololol will have mutated to include every letter in the alphabet, and some that aren't.

Originally written by shiny.

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