Oliver, Jamie

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Once a reasonably fresh face to the world of cookery television. Once. About 13 years ago. Now the face and highly irritating chumly southerner 'pukka' voice appear smeared across too numerous channels to mention. Clearly television producers are milking the Jamie cow 'til its teets are sore and aching. 'The public love him' must be the only strangely coherent thought running through the alcohol addled minds of aforementioned TV creators. Barely a TV programme, or in-flight video, escape the token 'Jamie Oliver' injection usually involving some anal interview with Jamie regarding him, him, his marriage, decorating his house, picking his ear or flossing his arse hair. To add insult to injury, Jamie's wife is also being splashed across our screens like so much random, poorly-aimed substances, even being introduced as 'Jamie Oliver's wife'. Is the wife not good enough to get on TV on her own two feet? Clearly not. He's not a Git you know. (courtesy of Ricey).

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