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Derived from Dyn News Syndrome (see Syndrome, Dyn News), Dyn News used on its own is said in channel when someone reports news (either directly or using a URL) to the channel that is several days out of date. The meaning is somewhat contrived because the Syndrome symptoms are the reverse, ie. it used to be Dyn who pointed out the now named "Dyn News", rather than it being Dyn who posted the old news to the channel. In any case, the phrase fits and everyone's using it so it doesn't really matter.

Dyn News should be called when the Keep Up protocol does not apply, although users should note that a Dyn News barely carries a fraction of the weight of a Keep Up. It's analogous to a prize for turning up, so channel members should bear this in mind before using it. You don't want to come across as socialist.

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