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Welcome to AberNET. AberNET is a private IRC network set up in the wake of increased access and stability problems experienced on IRCNet in July 2001. AberNET is run by the members of #aber, primarily for the benefit of #aber itself but anyone is welcome to join our network and form a channel. We do encourage you to come to #aber too though :)

This page contains general information about the AberNET IRC network.


It's very simple - we have one server, You may connect on port 6666, 6667 or 6668.

Network features

AberNET is based around the non-traditional UnrealIRCd, which offers a range of benefits above the traditional IRCd. In particular, there are more modes for both users and channels. You may find some of these useful: User modes

  • s - Receive server notices
  • k - Notification of kills
  • c - Notification of all (dis)connects on the local server
  • F - Notification of all connect notices
  • x - Masks your hostname (is not permitted on #aber)
  • d - Ignore all channel chatter.

Channel modes

  • c - Block lines containing colours
  • Q - No kicking on channel.
  • O - Opers only channel (used in #twilightzone)
  • V - Not allowed to invite.
  • K - Not allowed to 'knock' on an invite only channel.
  • S - Strip colours (used in #aber)
  • L - Users will autojoin is +l is exceeded
  • h - Halfops (can kick/ban/topic, but can't op or deop others)
  • N - No nick changes on channel
  • u - /WHO only shows ops
  • C - CTCP ban.

All these modes are in addition to all the normal modes provided by mainstream networks like IRCNet.

IRC operators

All IRC networks have their fabled IRC "OPERs" and this one is no different. Our OPERs are responsible for the smooth running of AberNET servers, and there are usually at least as many OPERs are there are servers.

Owners of individual servers are usually OPERs themselves are are entitled to appoint other OPERs of their servers as they see fit. No OPER is allowed to be a bot master at the same time, the two roles are mutually exclusive.

There are many myths surrounding what OPERs can do with their power over the network. Basically, AberNET's OPERs go by the guidelines documented by EFNet, or if you can't be bothered to read that there's a simpler version that squishes the myths.

And if even that's too long, here's a summary:

  • OPERs are there to look after the network, not to serve you
  • They won't /KILL anyone unless they're threatening the network itself
  • The same goes for "K:" lines
  • OPERs won't interfere in the running of any channel, including #aber

Please see the channel information section for information on the responsibilities of the masters.

IRC Request For Comments

There are four RFCs concerning IRC, and you can read them here: