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McDonalds is seen as every Students dream with fast, unhealty, greasy, cheap, available food on demand to the general public.This multinational slave trade organisation (who once contributed funds to the IRA) is generally seen exploiting the Student workers for meagre pay and a general devotion to making as much money as possible with there artery clogging grease laden products. This is also seen as a nightmare to certain students who work there as a slave working torturous hours with the ability to kill a batch of customers with food poisoning. The usual standards for a McDonalds employee is 'Can you add 1+1 and you can use a calculator', 'Can you read?' and the most vital question 'Are you intelligent enough to think about sueing us?'. The world famous products which are cooked (sometimes) include 'The Big Mac' or 'Le Big Mac' which is popular in France and has a rather tangy sauce which could be interpretted for sperm.

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