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That's nothing

We have moved to Slack

The world has moved on from the days of IRC. Stateful Internet protocols are not suited to our modern mobile apps and consumption habits and IRC is no exception. We have therefore moved on from IRC and have migrated to a Slack team. You are welcome to join us by using this invitation link and following the instructions. Slack has clients for Windows, macOS, Apple mobile devices and Android mobile devices.


Channel #aber was an IRC channel on irc.aber.org.uk populated by present and former students of Aberystwyth University plus a random collection of their non-alumni friends and other hangers-on. Suitable new members are always welcome. The channel was originally formed in 1994. This website provides information and resources to support the channel and its users, who now reside in the Slack team described above.

To join the channel, follow this Slack invitation link. The old IRC server is no longer active and we are not active on the old IRCnet channel either.

All present and former channel members are encouraged to create an account on this wiki since its user management and profiling system has replaced the former "Multipass" system in use on the previous version of this website. However, you must ask an existing wiki user to create your account as in order to prevent spamming and vandalism we have disabled autonomous account creation. Ask a user directly through the wiki or join the channel and ask there.

All channels members, past and present, are welcome to contribute to this Wiki project.

This site is in no way affiliated with Aberystwyth University. We're also not WesleyNet, if that's what you were looking for.

Channel #aber is an equal opportunity offender.

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