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"And you can MSN me on that!" is called in channel by a channel member after they have made disparaging, offensive or generally negative remarks about a person not present on the channel, whether that person is a regular channel member or not. The call represents authorisation to any "spies" the non-present person may have on channel that use the popular MSN Messenger system to paste such remarks to the subject of said remarks. The call became popular after it emerged that conversations held on channel were being reported to non and former channel members with ruthless speed and efficiency, very probably through the means of MSN as the non or former channel members concerned refused to join AberNET. A debate raged about privacy, freedom of speech, and the "right" to know what people say about one behind one's back, and how those three ideologies inevitably conflict and collide in a huge, unresolvable mess very quickly. Since this time it's been shown that nobody really gives a stuff what people think of them (as is the #aber way), and, conversely, aren't worried about offending people by expressing their thoughts and opinions (also part of the #aber way). So, paste away. And you can MSN me on this.

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