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Curious condition suffered by a select group of Seasoned Channel Members, i.e. Lambie. The Syndrome is triggered by a high level of Hive Mind saturation, causing a rift to occur in the Space-Time Continuum. The hapless SCM is stuck in a time delay loop of anything up to 5 minutes, at the conclusion of which they ejaculate a "[Hive Mind Trigger] GET OUT, JUST GET OUT. GET THE LIVING FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD. THIS ISN'T FUNNY ANY MORE. *GIBBER*" or suchlike, seemingly unaware of the time that has passed since the original Hive incident. Thought to be a hangover from the POBICA, when such delays were commonplace and may even have been genuine. Results in mirth from other channel members and a cry of "what" from the affected SCM. Will never get old or unamusing.

Originally written by ^Woodsta^.

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