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Something students are meant to be in a better position to obtain after finishing their often pointless University courses. For most, the job becomes a McJob (see Arts Students, Mr_Scod) but for the lucky few a life of dossing, combat trousers, junk food, IRC and ludicrous salaries await them. These are the people that the aforementioned arts students called 'geeks and nerds' during the time they were at University, until they realised that their degree in Fine Art or Medievil Sorcery is actually utterly useless in the face of modern business and commerce and they go back and do a masters in Compsci, hoping to get in for a piece of the pie, whilst nervously cringing and laughing when reminded of their previous longstanding opinions on such courses and the people who pursue them (see Pie, Humble).

Originally written by ^Stuii^.

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