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A Valid SCM Dislaimer (hereafter referred to as VSD), "It Wasn't Me Guv [tm]" is considered a viable and adequate defence to any accusation of any crime, in any legal juristicion, at any time, retrospective for 10 billion years. When issued to any individual, it is thenceforth required for the said individual to fully retract any previously discredited accusation. In addition, to atone for attemping to sully the good name of the SCM with their slanderous filth, the accuser must offer full and humble apologies whilst grovelling at the feet of the SCM, who may or may not choose to accept them, depending on the quality and sincerity of the apology, or more frequently the level of bribes offered. Repeat offenders are singled out and ridiculed in order to discredit them, and in severe cases may find themselves undergoing enforced Bitterness Training. (see Bitterness, The)

Originally written by Lambie.

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