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Referring specifically to clause 3 of the logsearch facility, which states:

This facility is not to be used as a monitoring tool. Regular searches on single nicknames are prohibited. The intention of the search is to provide users with a reference of past events, and not to "check nobody's been talking about me". The users of #aber are entitled to some degree of privacy.

A Clause Three Infraction usually occurs when a channel member who has made some shockingly foolish mistake and/or decision wants to know what other channel members are saying about them, should the renowned MSN Log Network be unavailable to provide such information. Upon detection of a Clause Three Infraction in the logs that don't exist, the channel administrator will remove the logsearch privileges of said individual, and usually that of any spouse or known affiliate. Of course, what happens after these accounts are disabled is something channel members would have to be on channel to experience. It should also be noted that Clause Three Infractions generally only occur once per person, especially if the offending person currently or previously held a position of trust on the network.

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