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Event encompassing two or more IRCers wishing to get together to meet, have a laugh and a drink face to face instead of the squinting and textual manipulation to which they're accustomed. The non-meet event is slightly different in that the aforementioned IRCers all turn up to the same place for one or more days, all go out seperately on either alternate days or times and never actually get to see each other until returning to their base locations to discuss the event back on IRC. The guidelines for the execution of a non-meet event are strict, to the point that, for a non-meet to successfully occur, the attending IRCers can at most, briefly bump into each other in the street and then part company, the actual meeting taking place for no more than 10 minutes. A non-meet can be executed successfully by being utterly disorganised, not telling anyone anything about anything at anytime or any location, precise buck passing, flagrant 'couldn't be arsed' attitude or involving Borth as a meeting place or any part of the non-meet event. See Dan, Computer Science Emperor.

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