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Acronym for Internet Relay Crap^H^H^H^H Chat. Virtual chat room (See In The Wind, Pissing) where myriads of internet users can get to know each other, chat and indulge in cybersex. Chatrooms equate to channels. #aber is one of them. #aber is possibly the most unique IRC channel to have existed. Almost entirely pleasentry and American-free it is a place for people to develop stomach ulsers overnight. Any number of visitors gather in #aber, welcome or otherwise (See IRCers, Unwanted), usually to rip each other apart in what could only be described as 'friendly banter' by the regulars. IRC is the medium for developing any number of syndromes and generally annoying the shit out of people. IRC like any hardcore narcotic, including adrenaline and caffeine, is undescribably addictive. In fact, many old timers who have clearly stated that they are 'leaving' and 'Grow up, its only IRC' have long since been regular returners themselves. See (LIES - Bollocks - Life, Getting A - You, Sod Off We Don't Want).

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