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Utterly vile expression of affection, wildly overused in IRC channels and Internet chat-rooms, symptomatic of a broader malaise, whereby adult users seek to define themselves as 'friendly' by using a vocabulary and register more appropriate to a Tweenies script. Worst offenders in this regard are, for whatever reason, the GayKent room in, an immediately repellent assortment of lacy homosexuals who sit around all day offering each other virtual cups of tea and slices of Battenburg cake, whilst huggling and snuggling each new arrival. To point out to such a group that 'Oh look, you're a bunch of cunts' is a challenge that applies to all-right-thinking humans, one best met by entering the room and slipping powdered-glass into their cuppity-wuppities of char-char and their slices of batty-watty cakey-wakey, the only shame being that such acts remain in the realms of virtuality and cannot feasibly be carried out for real.

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