Field, Bitterness Destruction

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Throughout the #aber universe, the horrific consequences of the Bitterness generated by Seasoned Channel Members manifest themselves in a variety of cataclysmic outcomes. Where SCMs are situated in close proximity this can result in the Failure Transference cascade, which while causing immense disaster and rage for the SCMs involved, generates limited external effect. However without a close counterpart with which to channel the effects of Bitterness, an isolated SCM is forced to locate an alternative conduit, via the creation of a Bitterness Destruction Field. This is exhibited in a particularly unique way depending on the SCM, ranging from the sudden and inexplicable collapse of previously indestructible computer systems, to the rapid and total breakdown of otherwise renowned reliable vehicles. Once the internal Bitterness of such an SCM reaches the inevitable critical mass, there is no escape, not even the Bunker can help you now.

Originally written by Lambie.

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