Far, You Always Have To Go That Little Bit Too

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As old time SCMs prowl the savannahs of the Bitterness plains, there are infrequently outbreaks of hostilities among battle scarred and ancient adversaries. Knowing full well from the ravages of repeated horrific experience that neither has the capabilities to finally destroy the other, the beasts nevertheless retain enough hormonal imperative to half halfheartedly lock horns. On rare occasion however, perhaps fueled by the ravages of alcohol or faced with a new wesley to destroy, there is always one who has a sudden and violent rush of blood to the head, and without any warning at all invokes the memory of Ed Balls violently rutting with a stern looking Margaret Beckett, causing widespread terror and revulsion throughout the rest of the herd. The only available response is to immediately and disproportionately invoke the very worst nightmare of the instigator as a warning against further escalation, and an admonishment that they always have to go that little bit too far.

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