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A curious event occurs on #aber at around 19:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (and for a more prolonged period on Sunday). Ordinarily coherent and verbally skilled members of #aber burst into spontaneous exaggeration of vowels and consonants. This can be incomprehensible until one becomes attuned to the East End Drawl that is so admirably displayed by the cast of EastEnders. Novices should note that common phrases such as "YEW CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHW", "LEAVE IT AHHHHHHHHHT" and "WOSSGARNON" are frequently used, and may be randomly uttered so as to appear that one is following the plot. #aber typo correction does not apply to EnderSpeak. See also FIW, RICKAAAAAAY, JANIIIIINAH, PEGGEH, PAWLEEEEEEEEN and JAYMEEEE among others.

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