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One of America's ever-growing tally of unwelcome exports, this phenomenon appears to predominantly afflict the young and the profoundly stupid. The prime example would be the estate-dwelling career-benefitter with badly-spelled Borstal tattoos who will shout "I know my fucking rights, mate - I'm gonna get you sacked" despite the fact that he actually hasn't the barest idea what rights are, much less what his might entail or, indeed, how to start spelling the word. On a broader level, we are raising a nation of people who genuinely believe in the ethic "Shout and ye shall receive", who believe that no rules apply to them, that they are above all else 'special'. Other sterling examples include the student who complains about lack of 24/7 broadband access and parking spaces at his or her college, the single teen mother who sits on Kilroy explaining that she has no choice but to shoplift and the guy who parks in a red-line zone to buy some cigs then calls the traffic warden a jobsworth and/or racist for daring to give him a ticket. The cure is simple enough. GROW. UP.

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