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A disc jockey (or 'DJ') is a person who plays records, often to large crowds of people either live or on the radio. That's all they do. They play other peoples' records. Nothing else. They don't make records, they don't play an instrument, they don't sing. They play other peoples' records. Occasionally they will say something cringing and cheesy, over the music. If they are a DJ on the radio, they do this a lot, and they may also get extremely stupid people to phone them up and make some pointless noise down the phone, after which they will make out that the DJ is their 'mate'. At the end of the day, DJs are stupid people who can't do anything else but play other peoples' records. Having a 'famous name' DJ at a club means 'Instead of the usual person who takes CDs out of boxes and puts them in the CD player, we've got DJ Dave Pratt, who is making a special guest appearance to do the CD inserting job tonight'. All DJs will be rounded up and shot after the installation of the Stuii New World Order. See also Homey, The North, and World Order, The Stuii New.

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