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Like a echo that lasts about 8.4 months the Dyn Bitterness Cycle recycles in such an accurate fashion you could set clocks by it. The cycle is initiated by an impromtu and often unwanted 'Dyn Visit' where he briefly taunts or otherwise aggravates a member of the channel, with either familiarity or the false assumption of being actually wanted. The taunted then connects to IRC where the inevitable outpouring of 8 months of pent up anger and rage is expelled in a eruption of gnarly links, bitterly remembered dyn 'facts' and old IRC logs that require old women in glasses to cross-reference them. After the bitterness is evacuated from every pore possible the spent shells of the channel members return to a state of placid normality and the cycle is complete. The ambiant bitterness level in the channel probably rises by about .8 kelvin, But that is almost undetectable in the normal background bitterness that swamps the channel. There is a theory that if dyn ever actually joins the channel the furious wrathful banging of keyboards will cause power brownouts in both wales and england, but its just a silly theor <blip>

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