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Allegedly originating from India, this dish has been widely adopted and mutated (See Terms, Operative), particularly in the Midlands region (See Midlands), where the concept of Balti was invented and now is produced in large quantities (See Stray Animal Population, Declining). Curry is often classifed according to spicyness coefficient, from Korma which is mild enough to be almost not spicy whatsoever (See Pussy, You Right Wussing Great) to Vindaloo. Stronger variants are rumoured to be in existance, however the consumers are said to be only traceable by the stains they left on the inside of the toilet bowl, the outside of said bowl in extreme cases.

The term, wholly refers to a delightfully tasty dish, the consumption of which over the years reduces ones tastebuds to the sensitivity of your average arse-cleavage toteing brickie. Curry is most often accompanied with naan bread or a portion of rice, preferably pilau (See Portion, Larging It). On occasion, a large jug of water may also adorn the dining arena, however to the seasoned (see Paprika) consumer this is something to turn up a smile at as the best known substance to diminish the strength of the spicy, aromatic, finger-staining sauce is beer (See, Lager - Shot, That Horse Should Be).

Naturally the veteran curry(-aholic) has by now developed a finely-tuned digestive system capable of dissolving breezeblocks (See Materials, Building - Weetabix, Swallowing Whole) after a session on the Spicy Rogan Josh, or otherwise. Beware! Even the experienced eater is aware of the devastation that can be done to both porcelain throne and ringpiece alike on The Morning After. In such cases take the advice of a professional, wipe thoroughly and carefully, preferably with that soft tissue as advertised on the Television (See Jesse, You Great).

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