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Another emerging trend both with channel members and in modern soceity at large. Essentially it stems from peoples' unwillingness to help themselves, and shares many similarities with the culture of entitlement. Say someone has a problem, such as they are skint, or unable to start a personal relationship. They may complain bitterly about it, and on a good day a kind hearted person may offer constructive suggestions to help them overcome the problem. But all the suggestions are met with a helpless, dismissive excuse, because at the end of the day the person doesn't really want to do anything about it at all because it involves some degree of effort on their own part. They want other people to solve the problem for them, without them having to do anything at all. Eventually, after the fifth or sixth helpless excuse, no more constructive suggestions will be forthcoming and the kind hearted person will realise why the problem exists in the first place. Rudeness follows, often coupled with such remarks as "ah well, back to wanking and other forms of self abuse for you then". The cycle then repeats.

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