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A new trend in modern society, "HAVE YOU BEEN A POINTLESS MORON IN THE LAST THREE YEARS? SEEK COMPENSATION FOR WHAT NATURE DID NOT GIVE YOU!". The stupid and the greedy use any pathetic, pointless, moronic injury to sue their employers, the supermarkets, the airlines, the council, the government, their neighbours, their friends, and their dog. The belief that no rules apply, that no accident is too small, and no claim too large. Every claim is someone's wage, someone's operation, someone's extra Policeman, but as long as we get �15,000 NO WIN NO FEE, for not wearing our safety gloves at work when carrying a pail of hot tar, who cares? see also: America, Estate, the Paulsgrove, Money, the Circle of Pointless.

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Originally written by Quasimodo.

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