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Militant wing of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth; who seized control of the establishment's computer systems at a very early stage. The fathomless hiearchy of generals, sargeants and underdogs exists purely to persecute users of the computer system, imposing rules and regulations at every point. Their ultimate goal is to actually prevent anyone from using the system at all. Offenders are subjected to a process known as 'Blue Foldering', where a surveillance file is maintained on the subject. This folder is never destroyed and handed over to MI5 on graduation. The IAC are particularly strong on the use of swear words on their system. Examples include 'FUCK', 'SHIT', 'TITS', 'WANKER', 'ARSE' and 'BOLLOCKS'. If you're reading this from a UWA machine, then this page is in the IAC Evil Webcache [tm] and they're already onto you. Expect to see General Perkins very soon. TIP: Do not store a copy of 'pico' in your filestore, the IAC will assume you are a 1337 h@><0r.

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