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Brain Replacement Commands, also known as "! commands" are issued by channel members on open channel and handled by the channel's controlling bot process Saarlax. Such commands were introduced to provide channel members with more convenient access to such facilities as the Google search engine, the online channel logs and indeed this very dictionary system without the need to open a web browser and navigate a web site. As far as channel members are concerned, Saarlax searches these sites for them and reports back the first result, displaying it on open channel, sometimes with a direct clickable link to the relevant page should the channel member wish to read further. However, increased reliance on and overuse of these commands can in some cases lead channel members to believe that they no longer have to think for themselves, instead blindly believing whatever information these commands return to them, and perversely if a command returns no information at all they believe that whatever they were searching for cannot possibly exist. Some commands have also become unwitting replacements for some channel members' memories and Internet favourites/bookmarks (delete as appropriate for your browser of choice) often by being used to retrieve the same URLs from the logs over and over again. At one point this problem became so bad that Saarlax was instructed to simply o_|/ such requests and visciously insult the channel members who made them. Since then, standard bans have been applied to channel members who persistently consider ! commands to be replacements for their own brains, and rightly so, frankly.

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