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Driven over the edge by his discovery of the secret liaison between the Bareback Lady and the Human Eel, Koko begins to extrude pure psychokinetic pies of rage.

Relating to the Immortal Dr Fun cartoon featuring Koko The Clown, the "History Of The Clown" is a mythical level of knowledge akin to the Nirvana of Buddhism required to understand why Koko is driven to able to produce the pies of rage - or it could just stem from a presumptuous statement from a total fathead trying to make themselves sound clever. We couldn't possibly comment. Current usage sees the History Of The Clown similar to the outcome of the endless inquiries into the death of Princess Diana - i.e. totally irrelevant, unachievable and indeed non-existent. She's Dead, Get Over It.

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Originally written by Quasimodo.

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