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The channel was founded many years ago by students of the University of Wales Aberystwyth, and today provides an instant public chat channel for existing and ex-students alike.

This page gives general and specific information about the channel It is recommended that you read everything here so that you understand what to do should you require assistance or wish to voice an opinion. You will be directed back here if you ask a question that is covered on this page or its subsequent pages.

First, a brief word of warning: This channel is extremely rude in almost every way. If you are not prepared to be subjected to filthy innuendos, relentless pisstaking, self-righteous opinionated people, unhelpful retorts or embittered seasoned channel members, then this channel is not for you. We are quick to anger and have little need for subtly. The only recompense we can offer is if you can stick it out, you will earn respect. If you fall at the first hurdle, you won't. It's your call. Many people might say that it's a hard channel to get into, but if you get past the barriers then you won't find another channel like it. Most of our members have been around for years and there's a reason for that. Come find out.

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  • For a partial history of the channel, please see our Channel Past page, although it's no longer maintained because nobody could be arsed.

IRCnet sentry

In order that people are redirected from our old home on IRCNet, a sentry has been placed there which keeps the channel unuseable for normal operations, but presents each joining channel member with a detailed message of how to get to #aber at its new location.

The sentry will not op anyone but the masters, keeps the channel moderated, sets the channel limit to one above the current member count, and will kick you out after 2 minutes if you have not yet moved to AberNET to join #aber.

This measure has been taken to avoid the creation of two separate #aber channels on different networks. It was decided that it would be better to "close" one down, and redirect people to the new one to keep us all in the same place. Some people may remember the fragmentation of #england after the IRCNet/EFNet split of 1996. Scripts

If you use a script with your IRC client, then you are only allowed to join #aber if you are completely aware of what the script is capable of doing and that you know how to fully control it. If at any point you display evidence to the contrary, you will be banned until you have either removed your script or learnt more about it. You are responsible for anything your script does, excuses such as "it wasn't me it was my script" will not impress anyone.

Please note that the extended functions of clients such as BitchX which aren't part of a script are also covered by these rules. Even if you are not running a third party script on your client, you are responsible for what your client does.

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