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The Document Deferral Ceiling (hereafter referred to as the DDC) represents the number of pages required in any single document, submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a degree, to qualify for the special grade �DEFER�(see: Failure, Time Delayed). The DDC, coincidentally the A-Level entry requirements for most British Universities these days, specifies that no document may be longer than 20 pages, in Comic Sans MS size 14, and that no page may be more than 75% full, unless it provides a simpering list cataloguing the reasons for failure. Including a simple reoccurring whiny phrase on every page of the document is also acceptable. Failure to comply with these simple rules may result in the individual in question graduating with their chosen degree, and hence being forced to leave their safe student life and actually get a job that doesn't involve carrying boxes, cleaning keyboards, or working for the Ceredigion County Council.

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