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The #aber Dictionary - your complete reference for all the esoteric and cliquey words, phrases and in-jokes that you may see on #aber. Perfect for the newbie and seasoned channel member alike. Famed and fabled for its unerring accuracy and uncontestable truth.

The dictionary, along with the rest of the wiki, can also be searched using the channel commands !wiki or !aberdict.

New entries

To create a new dictionary entry, type the title of the dictionary entry (with correct punctuation and capitalisation) into the search box. The search results will include a link entitled "you can create this page". Click this link and a new page editor will appear. Authors should note that the wiki allows the inclusion of images in Dictionary entries, see this entry for an example of the wiki code syntax.

When creating new dictionary entries remember to include a bulleted list of related entries under the heading "See also", making each into a link to the relevant dictionary entry by enclosing the entry's title with double square brackets, for example:

=== See also ===

* [[Entry Title]]

Also, please append the following lines of Wiki code to the bottom of your entry. This will automatically add the date and time of your entry and attribute credit to you, as well as categorising the page correctly within the wiki.


Authors should also feel free to update existing entries as appropriate.

Entries that somebody should probably write

Short of ideas? The following are some notable omissions from the dictionary that need to be written. Click on a title to get started.


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