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The important international business of business is very important business indeed. Only important, selfless men of international business are able to conduct it.

Important men of international business have the important but burdensome task of travelling internationally, with all their travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses paid by their important international employers, in addition to their generous salaries. It's a tough and unpleasant life, but someone has to do it, otherwise no important international business would ever be conducted.

Important international business men take time out of their busy international schedules to visit #aber occasionally whilst abroad on important international business, and such men of importance can be easily spotted by unimportant channel members who do not engage in important international business. The most common indicators include (but are not limited to):

  • Habitual replacement of place names with airport codes in statements made to the channel or on social networking sites.
  • General grumbling about airlines or comparisons between various classes of travel available.
  • Joining the channel at unusual times and announcing the consumption of meals at unconventional times during the day, thus indicating that they are in a different time zone and, therefore, abroad, probably on important international business.
  • Remarking on local weather conditions that would be highly unusual at best in the United Kingdom, and, in many cases, impossible.

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