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Small and utterly pointless town a few miles north of Aberystwyth. Consists of a main street, a seafront, a couple of pubs, a few Local Shops [tm] and some caravan parks. Despite its dullness and unattractive disadvantages, Borth is sometimes loved by a few heretical students who actually choose to live there. Being fanatical about Aberystwyth is one thing, but banging on about how great Borth is really does disturb me sometimes. Arguments of 'but it's lovely in the evening on the beach' wear a little thin during the 6 months of the year in which Borth bends over and gets shafted like a whore on crack by relentless monsoon-like weather conditions. The houses always smell of stale onions, although that could actually be because they are student houses. Borth will be destroyed under the Stuii New World Order.

Originally written by ^Stuii^.

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